Joshua Kane – Voice Overs

"A voice that mesmerizes." – NY Daily News

Audiobook career takes off during the pandemic!

On March 13th I performed my last in-person show, knowing that stages would be shut for the foreseeable future. We went into high gear, laying in supplies and transformed our home into a viable work space for the three of us. Three bookcases bit the dust to make space for a StudioBricks recording booth in our “room of requirement.” My audiobook career is now fully engaged. Since the booth arrived in May, I have recorded two James Patterson books for Hachette. The first, the multicast Three Women Disappear, in which I played all of the male voices, was released last month. The second is Till Murder Do Us Part, a duo of true crime stories that I narrated solo, which will be out in January of 2021. I am also part of two multi-casts, Stepping Stones (released last month) and Max and the Midknights: Battle of the Bodkins, which comes out in December  for Penguin Random House.

“Home Studio has changed my life!”


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