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A Tribute to Hal Douglas

It has been said that a loved one is not truly gone as long as stories about them are still being told on planet.  In turn I believe a great voiceover artist is not gone as long as their talents are still called up and recognized in homages to their wonderful work and the inspiration they have fueled in others.  Hal Douglas was one of the top voices in Movie Trailers. He had a marvelous wink in his voice and a sense of play that few have had the security and wit to muster since.  To date I have not recorded a movie trailer but have voiced the Book Trailers for best selling authors ranging from Dan Brown and John Grisham to Jeff Abbott and Robert Ludlum. The one which gave me the most joy was recorded in 2014 for Jory John & Benji Davies delightful children’s book “Goodnight Already!” Thank you to Caitlin Garing for  my only invitation to date, to channel my inner Hal Douglas. 


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