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Get Thee Back To The Future

Today is the release date for the audiobook of Ian Doescher’s Get Thee Back To The Future. Being part of the multicast for the team at Penguin Random House was wickedly fun. Always dreamed of time traveling back to the days of the Mercury Theatre on the air, and this experience — full of camaraderie, humor and playfulness — was about as close as it gets. How many work days provide the chance to play roles as varied as the Shakespearean Chorus, A Libyan Terrorist channeling his inner Shylock, Lou Carruthers, the soda shop owner, Principal Strickland, the Weatherman on the radio, 3-D and Starlighter1? Grab this one for an upcoming car ride and the time will go quickly.

This was my third project for Penguin Random House and I just booked an exciting Historical/Biography that I will be recording for them in May.


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