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Booked Union Campaign for Pillsbury®!

pillsbury-logoOn August 2, I had my first SAG/AFTRA audition in many years, and it was a big one—the holiday campaign for Pillsbury®. Growing up, Pillsbury® products were always in our fridge: cookie dough, crescent rolls, and—oh, yes!—cinnamon rolls with that little container of frosting. I almost didn’t dare to hope that I was what they were looking for.

But two weeks later, as I was packing to leave for a magic convention in Las Vegas (the audition long forgotten), the call came in that I was in the final three, and that I might have to record that Monday. Worst/best case scenario, I would be getting on a red-eye 16 hours after my arrival.

I was standing on line with about 600 people to go in for a lecture when the call came telling me that the job was mine. The tears were running down my face as I said to my agent, “Are you sure?” A concerned colleague leaned in and asked, “Is it cancer?” “No,” I replied, “It’s a life-changing booking. My first Union job.”

The spots have been running for about a month, but I’ve waited to share the news until friends and family began to hear them on the air. It still feels a bit surreal. Lots of changes coming my way.


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